Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Smith & Cult Cut the Mullet

Hey everyone! I'm still here! I was on spring break and then getting back into the swing of things last week was tough. I hardly even painted my nails, but I've finally got polish on again and I'm super excited about it.

Today I'm wearing Smith & Cult Cut the Mullet, which is a gorgeous bright blue. I used two coats here. Over top I did some pretty hand painted daisies. You could use any white and yellow polish you have for this. I have a small double sided detail brush/dotting tool that works great for flowers.

Hope you're having a great week!


Friday, April 6, 2018

ILNP Paige & Pink Mimosa Ombre

Hey everyone! How was your week? I had off for spring break and it has been soooo nice to do some shopping, catch up with a few friends, and just relax. I can't believe how cold it still is here! My nails/cuticles are begging for warmer weather.

Here's a pretty ombre look I did the other day using ILNP Paige and Pink Mimosa. These are both gorgeous holographic pinks that are so sparkly and pretty. I started with two coats of Paige on each nail and then layered on one coat of Pink Mimosa, just at the tips. It looks pretty under the artificial lighting, but even more amazing in the sun!

Hope you have a great weekend!