Sunday, February 21, 2021

Cool Toned Skittle Mani

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a nice weekend. It was a bit warmer on Saturday (in the 40s) so we took a walk and it felt really good to get some sun and fresh air. I've enjoyed the snow but I'm definitely getting ready for warmer weather.

I just wanted to share a quick skittle mani with you. This has become my favorite go to look when I'm feeling indecisive, which is pretty much always haha. I love that I get to use a bunch of colors and it always looks cute. Today I grabbed a few cool toned OPI creme polishes. 

From left to right: Things I've Seen in Abet-green, Kanpai OPI!, Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, Good Girls Gone Plaid

Have a great week and stay warm!



Monday, February 1, 2021

Nails Inc. Relationship Status: Blushing Nail Polish Set

Hey everyone! Long time no see. I took a bit of a break from blogging, but I'm back and finally on a new MacBook Air! My 10+ year old MacBook Pro was barely hanging on and it made it difficult to blog. Hoping to get back to posting more often.

Today I'm sharing a set of nail polish I recently ordered from Sephora. Valentine's Day is coming up and although I don't really care much about it, I do love the colors. Give me pinks and reds any day. I saw this pretty set from Nails Inc. and the price was so good I couldn't pass it up!

The Relationship Status: Blushing Nail Polish Set retails for $22 and comes with four full size polishes.
Victoria Embankment - light pink
Dover Street - rouge pink
St. Christopher's Place - neon pink
The Strand - berry 

I used two coats of each polish to achieve full opacity. My favorite thing about Nails Inc. polishes, aside from the amazing formula, is the wide brush. It hugs my nail perfectly and I only need a couple of quick strokes to cover the whole nail. These colors work together perfectly to create an ombré look, but I know I'll be wearing each color individually as well.

Have a great week and stay safe during the winter storm!


Sunday, November 29, 2020

Nailtopia Blue-tiful Daze Holiday Kit

Hey everyone! Hope you had a safe and nice Thanksgiving. We stayed home and had a little Thanksgiving for the two of us. I made a mini charcuterie board for lunch (yum!) and then for dinner we had sweet potato casserole, cornbread stuffing, and chicken marsala since we don't like turkey. I've definitely enjoyed having the four day weekend to recover from a super busy couple weeks at work.

Today I'm sharing with you a cute little holiday nail polish kit from Nailtopia, which would make a great gift this season. There are two kits available in red and blue, and you can find them both at Ulta for $14.99 ($25 value!) I received the Blue-tiful Daze Holiday Kit from Nailtopia Beauty as a member of their Nailtopia Maven Program.

The Blue-tiful Daze Holiday Kit includes three 0.17 oz mini nail polishes:
  • Hula Girl - sky blue creme
  • Blue-tiful Daze - blue and silver glitter
  • Ride the Wave - royal blue shimmer

The kit itself is encased in a BIODEGRADABLE, reusable bag made 100% from recycled materials! Perfect for storing lip balm, gloss, concealer, and other little items for on the go. The new white caps on the bottle are also recyclable. These polishes are 100% vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic, and all free.

Another really cool thing I want to note is that Blue-tiful Daze is the first ever biodegradable, bio-sourced glitter, which is derived from cotton. These glitter particles dissipate naturally back into nature to reduce waste, whereas most nail lacquer glitters contain tiny bits of plastic that never fully break down. This glitter also requires NO extra soaking to remove!

All three polishes were easy to apply - even the glitter was opaque in two coats! It's nice to see a company come out with a nail polish set that those of us who celebrate Hanukkah can use :)

Hope you have a great week!



Monday, November 2, 2020

Nailtopia Smokey Road Glow

Hey everyone! Hope you had a fun and safe Halloween weekend. We're not really into Halloween, but we grabbed some BOGO candy at CVS and then watched the most recent Purge movie (pretty good!)

Today I'm sharing a Nailtopia duo called Smokey Road Glow. I received this product from Nailtopia Beauty as a member of their Nailtopia Maven Program. This duo retails for $10 and you can find it at Ulta or on Nailtopia's website.

Smokey Road Glow is a "2 Bottles, 3 Looks" kit, which means you can create 3 looks with the two polishes. Smokey Road is a beautiful grayish purple creme and Hampton Glow is a sparkly champagne - I used two coats of each. When you apply Hampton Glow on top of Smokey Road, it creates this gorgeous sparkly silvery purple color. I think the combo of both is my favorite, but the colors each look nice on their own!

Have a great week and stay safe!



Monday, October 5, 2020

Nailtopia Blank Slate

Hey everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend. We really enjoyed the cooler weather, and I’m getting excited for fall.

I have the perfect nail color to share for the transition into this season! I recently received the color Blank Slate from Nailtopia Beauty as a member of their Nailtopia Maven program. This color is described as a blue-toned grey creme, but I really feel it’s a true grey. The self-leveling formula was very easy to work with, and I really liked the brush. I'm definitely looking forward to trying more colors from this brand.

Have a great week!


Monday, August 31, 2020

Negative Space Chevron Nails

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? 

I've been wanting to try some negative space nail art, so to make it easy I used some single chevron nail vinyls. Mine are pretty old, but here's a link to similar vinyls.

I started with my clear base coat, and once that dried I firmly pressed the vinyls onto the lower half of my nails. I used two Olive & June colors from their summer collection for this look. I have a blog post with swatches of the whole collection, and I do think a lot of the colors go nicely together for a design like this.

On the bottom half, I used two coats of Fierce & Loving, described as a fresh lilac. On the top half I used three coats of Honest & True, a pale blue creme. I gave my nails a couple minutes to dry and then carefully peeled the vinyls off, leaving behind the negative space in between the two colors. After a couple more minutes I applied the Olive & June top coat.  I love how these came out! I'd really like to try this look with a curved vinyl as well. What colors would you pick?

Have a greet week!


Monday, August 24, 2020

Nailtopia Nails are Nourished Kit Review

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? We had a ton of laundry and clean up to do around the apartment, so that took up most of our Saturday. We needed Sunday just to relax. The weekend ended way too fast!

Today I'm sharing a review of the Nailtopia Nails are Nourished Kit. I was gifted these products from Nailtopia Beauty as a part of their Nailtopia Maven Group. The kit retails for $10, and you can purchase it from Ulta.

I had only recently heard of Nailtopia Beauty, but I was really excited to partner with them after learning more about their products. Nailtopia's sustainable formulations are made with bio-sourced, plant based fruit & vegetables. Their biotechnology is a greener process that considerably reduces environmental footprint. 

The Nails are Nourished Kit includes:
  • Raspberry Nail Nourishment (0.17 oz) to restore & rejuvenate nails.
  • Raspberry Cuticle Hydration (0.17 oz) to replenish and re-hydrate cuticles.

Raspberry provides alpha-linolenic and Vitamin E to help nails and cuticles become hydrated and promotes regeneration of cells. Plant-based AHA/PHA helps to absorb the vitamins and strengthens, hardens, and conditions nails and cuticles.

The claims:
Nails are nourished after 2 weeks
Nails are improved after 2 weeks
Cuticles are softened after 2 weeks
Cuticles improved quality after 2 weeks

How to use:
1. Apply 2 coats of the Raspberry Nail Nourishment to bare nails. Let dry.
2. Apply 1 coat of the Raspberry Cuticle Hydration to cuticles. Massage in to achieve a better absorption.

My final thoughts:
I have to mention the scent of these products. They both have a very natural and pleasant raspberry scent upon application, which was such a welcome change from the usual chemical scent of nail products. The scent doesn't linger, which I also appreciate.

I had the Raspberry Nail Nourishment on for a week and have noticed that my nails, which are very prone to peeling, have been peeling less. Last night I removed it and re-applied, so we'll see if the improvement continues during week two. I'll also note that this product gives a really nice, healthy shine to the nails.

As for the Raspberry Cuticle Hydration, I love that it's applied with a brush to make for a less messy experience. I didn't find it to be greasy, and it dried fairly quickly. My cuticles have been noticeably more hydrated, something I'm desperately needing with all of the hand washing.

Overall, I'm really happy to have these non-toxic products that I feel good about using. I will definitely be putting together an order soon from Ulta to try some of their polishes!

Have a great week!