Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cult Nails First Impressions

Hey everyone! Okay, just let me grumble for a second about how they predicted a crazy snow storm and then we literally did not get any snow. Grumble grumble. Alright, I got it out of my system. We still had a snow day so I can't complain that much.

For the longest time I wanted to place an order from Cult Nails, an indie brand that I've heard awesome things about. Then I saw that they were liquidating and closing down shop (get the full scoop here), so I jumped at the chance to grab a few polishes for my collection at a huge discount. These took a while to ship, totally understandable considering how many orders must have been placed, but I finally got them yesterday and I wanted to share the colors I got.

From left to right: Nevermore, Iconic, Wanna Be, & Love at First Sight

You will definitely be seeing these beauties on my nails in the upcoming weeks. Cult Nails will be doing a second round of liquidation soon, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates on when that will be happening.


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