Thursday, October 29, 2015

OPI Holiday 2015 Starlight Collection Swatch and Review

Hey everyone! So last week I found out that as part of the VIP program I would be receiving six shades from the OPI Holiday 2015 Starlight Collection. Today's post will just be swatches, and later on I'll do some nail art looks in another post.

The full Starlight Collection features 18 shades that range from classic to cosmic. It includes everything from subtle shimmer to all-out sparkle!

Love is in My Cards - This is an easy two-coat red that is glossy even without a top coat. I honestly don't have too much to say about it because I think we've all seen a red like this before. If you have a good red in your collection already, you probably don't need to run out and get this one.

Next is Let Your Love Shine - Now THIS is my kind of red. Deep, glittery, sparkly perfection. And two coats! I love that this is a smooth and glossy glitter even without a top coat.

Comet Closer - I love this one! It may be my favorite from the bunch. This is a cool gold with almost a satiny finish. No top coat here, but you can still see how shiny it is.

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite - I'm really not sure how I feel about this glitter topper. It's kind of...weird? Probably not a glitter I would wear. I think the shapes are throwing me off.

Super Star Status - This one has that liquid sand texture, which I typically don't like, but this one I happen to be drawn to. I think it would be gorgeous over a silver foil polish! There's no top coat here and I would definitely recommend several coats of top coat if you're not into the texture thing.

Give Me Space - Oooooh ahhhhh. Okay, I think this is my favorite of the bunch (sorry Comet Closer!) This is a deep scattered blue holo, though the holo is a little difficult to see in the pictures. If you get just one polish from this collection, I definitely recommend this one. And as soon as you've got it on, stand out in the sun and prepare to be amazed.

The Starlight Collection is available now. You can check out the rest of the polishes here or for purchase at

What do you guys think? Is there anything that caught your eye and you need to run out and get? Or is this collection a total miss for you? Let me know!


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