Friday, January 15, 2016

MidWest Lacquer Custom Polish

Happy Friday and happy birthday to me! I turned 25 today...eeeeeek! The kiddos at school were so sweet today, I was bombarded with birthday cards and love. And some treats from the bakery (yum!) As a reward to myself for successfully making it through another year and the first half of my first full time teaching gig, I had a very special polish made.

I reached out to Lizzie over at MidWest Lacquer and asked if she could create a birthday custom for me and boy did she deliver. Great turn around time and every detail was just as I had imagined. She mixed up a stunning magenta berry holo packed with glitter. So much sparkly goodness! My best friend helped me come up with an awesome name - January Jewel. So excited to finally be sharing this beauty with you! Photos can't capture just how sparkly and amazing this polish is.

I also requested a 25 label for the bottle - I'm obsessed!


This weekend the BF is taking me to Woodbury Commons to pick out a birthday gift and then we're going to the Culinary Institute for dinner. So excited! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.



  1. Like this dark red sparkly base! This colour is my passion. My best friend has recently returned from Ibiza vacation with dark red sparky polish on her nails. She says she has never met more professional nail artist before.