Friday, August 26, 2016

Chrome Nail Powder Review

Happy Friday! How was your week? As I mentioned in my last post, mine was pretty crazy. I still haven't decided about the wedding dress, but I'm going back to the store on Sunday to try it on again.

I recently received a few products from Born Pretty Store that I was super excited to try out. One of these products is that awesome silver chrome/mirror powder you see all over Instagram! Let me just preface my review with a warning: DO NOT use this stuff right on top of your table! It will get everywhere and make a huge mess and you'll be really sad. I covered my table with newspaper before using this and it saved me a lot of aggravation. Do be prepared to get it all over your hands and arms, though (or maybe I'm just doing something wrong...?).

Anyway, I tried out the silver chrome/mirror powder and a purple powder. These powders are meant to be used with UV base coat, UV color gel, and UV top coat (meaning it has to be cured under a light). However, I picked up the ORLY Color Amp'd Flexible Sealcoat over regular black polish and it worked just fine. Another alternative would be Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. These don't require curing under a light.

Before doing anything, I applied Born Pretty liquid tape around my nails in hopes of preventing too much glittery mess. This stuff is GREAT. I used it again right after for ombre nail art and it saved me a ton of time on clean up. Do be careful to keep your fingers from touching, because it tends to stick together and can easily peel right off. I then used a regular base coat and two coats of black polish before applying the ORLY top coat and letting it dry.

How to use nail powders:
1. Prepare your nails with base coat, nail color, and top coat. Remember, regular top coats can't get the mirror effect so you'll need to use gel. Whether or not you want to use one that requires UV curing would be your choice.
2. Use an eyeshadow applicator to pick up the powder and gently buff it onto the nail. Continue doing this until you're happy with how it looks.
3. You can seal with topcoat, though I personally didn't since I was just trying them for fun.

For me personally I couldn't see using these often just because of the glitter getting everywhere. The effect is super cool and would be fun for a special occasion. What do you think of chrome powders? Btw, when you place an order with BPS make sure you use my discount code ASYW10 for 10% off!


Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided for my honest review by the Born Pretty Store. All opinions are my own.

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