Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cupcake Water Decals

Hey everyone! How has your week been? It felt like it dragged on forever and I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. This 3 day weekend is so needed. And it's my birthday weekend!

To start off the birthday festivities, I broke out these adorable cupcake water decals from Born Pretty Store. They were super easy to use. I started with a base of white on my nails and let it dry completely. Then I cut out the decals and let each piece soak in a water bath for about 30 seconds or until it separated from the paper. I used tweezers to place the decal on my nail and removed the excess around my cuticles. Once all of my decals were on I sealed them with a top coat.

I'm still undecided on my birthday nails for Sunday - maybe something sparkly? We'll see! Btw, when you place an order with BPS make sure you use my discount code ASYW10 for 10% off!


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