Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse Nails

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? The fiancé had his bachelor party this weekend, so my friend came over on Saturday and we hit up the pool, played with makeup at Sephora, and treated ourselves to a delicious dinner. This is my last free week before meetings for school start and I'm trying to pretend like it's not happening.

I'm pretty excited about the eclipse today so I decided to do a fun eclipse themed mani! It started with a black base and then one coat of ILNP The Magician. This rare pigment is also known as "unicorn pee" and once applied over a base color shifts between red, orange, and green. It is truly magical! I then went in with a small detail brush and white polish to create some stages of an eclipse and stars. I just love how this came out!

Hope everyone has a chance to see the eclipse today! And remember, don't look directly up there at the sun unless you have the appropriate eyewear.


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