Monday, October 16, 2017

Influenster Erno Laszlo VoxBox

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? We went to look at our floral samples for the wedding which was such a fun experience. I also had my first dress fitting (eek!) and I'm more excited than ever about my dress and everything else. We're just about a month away!

Today I’m bringing you an awesome skincare product review. I received the Erno Laszlo Vitamin C Peel VoxBox a few days ago courtesy of Influenster. In case you didn't know, Influenster is an online community of consumers who give reviews on products and experiences. If you are active on the site, Influenster may invite you to participate in their VoxBox programs, where members receive complimentary products to review.

In the box I found the gorgeously packaged White Marble Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel (retails for $100). Powered by super-nutrient Vitamin C, this clarifying two-step peel gently polishes skin as it fades dark spots and discoloration. Protective antioxidants and collagen boosters combine to refine and renew skin, such as age-defying actives and brightening ingredients, including:

  • Vitamin C—the formula’s star multitasker—to reduce dark spots and dullness, lighten skin and jump-start collagen production.

  • Carrot seed oil to heal and balance dry or chapped skin, while helping fight age spots and sun damage.

  • Lactic acid to gently exfoliate skin so it’s properly prepped to absorb brightening, hydrating and healing nutrients.

Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Smooth peel over your face, avoiding eye areas, and massage gently for up to three minutes. I highly recommend cleansing your face before doing this. The first step is for exfoliation.

Step 2 - Mix 1-2 drops of the activator in your hands and massage onto your face over the peel. After one minute, rinse well with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. This step will illuminate your skin and make it super smooth.

My final thoughts: I'll start by saying that I have VERY sensitive skin and I've never done a peel before. Needless to say I was slightly concerned for my face. When I opened these products, I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh, not overly strong orange scent. It's really quite pleasant and invigorating. I spent 3 minutes/the length of a new Sam Smith song gently working the peel into my skin. That is a long time to scrub! But it felt super nice. After putting two drops of the activator into my hand and massaging it into my skin, I started to feel a warming sensation that was at first slightly concerning but when I realized my skin wasn't burning I enjoyed it.

After rinsing my face I expected to be RED but was shocked to see that my skin was absolutely glowing! I couldn't believe how soft my face felt. It even lightened a couple of my acne scars. The next day my foundation applied flawlessly. My skin still feels soft days later. I am absolutely amazed by this product and look forward to working it in weekly to my skincare routine. I'm not one to jump to recommend pricey skincare products, but I honestly feel that this is worth it!


Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

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