Monday, July 8, 2019

Purple Smoosh Nails

Hey everyone! How was your 4th of July and weekend? On Friday we drove up to Rochester for a wedding Saturday. Aside from the long drive we had a great time! It's always fun getting dressed up.

My Monday has been pretty chill and I had time to do some fun nail art. I'd seen this "smoosh" mani a bunch on social media and have always wanted to do my own. You can start with any base color, but I used Zoya Abby, a light lavender creme. The next step requires a nail stamper and a few colors of your choice. I also used my nail mat (like this one). If you don't have a nail mat you could use wax paper or just paint directly on your stamper. The colors I used were Zoya Abby, Zoya Jordan, Zoya Maeve, Zoya Aurora, and Essie Dye-Mentions.

Step 1: Paint a layer of your base color (Abby for me) on the mat.
Step 2: Quickly dot your different colors around on top of the base color.
Step 3: Take your stamper and press it down on top of the colors. This will smoosh everything together and blend the colors.
Step 4: Gently press the stamper down on top of your nail. You may need to manipulate it a little or press it more than once to get the colors looking how you want.
Step 5 (optional): Place some small pieces of gold foil around the design.
Step 5: Seal your design with a glossy top coat.

There are a bunch of helpful Youtube tutorials as well! I love how these came out. 
Hope the rest of your week is great!


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