Monday, September 16, 2019

Essie on the bright cider

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? I'm starting to feel a lot better now that I'm halfway through my strep antibiotics. Can't wait to be done with those and with being sick.

I've seen a bunch of pictures of Essie's new fall 2019 collection and knew there were a couple super unique ones I wanted. I know the two big hits are sweater weather and rust worthy, but green isn't really my favorite color and rust worthy is so similar to Say It Ain't Soho in my opinion. If you are interested in those are any other color from the collection, I recommend getting them soon because they are limited addition.

The two that caught my eye were on the bright cider and hay there. I definitely don't have anything like these in my collection yet! Today I'll be sharing on the bright cider, a warm creamy caramel nude with red undertones. I swear this is caramel in a nail polish bottle. This creme formula applied very nicely in two coats and I have to say I do love the new wide brushes on Essie polishes. It makes application a breeze.

Are any of the colors from this collection on your list? Hope you have a great week!


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