Thursday, March 26, 2020

Pastel Skittles Nails

Hey everyone! Hope you've been doing well since I last posted. My husband is still working from home and I've been doing a ton of baking, although now it's almost impossible to find flour. Apparently everyone decided to try their hand at baking during the quarantine!

At least I have lots of pretty nail polish to keep me occupied. I was trying to decide on an Essie color and ended up choosing 5 lol. But I do love the skittles trend, so that's fine. This is a pastel version of it using Go Ginza (on my thumb, which you can't see), Bikini So Teeny, Baguette Me Not, Blossom Dandy, and Hay There. The formula was great on all of them and I used two coats of each. I love skittles nails because the combinations are literally endless and they always look cute!

Stay safe and enjoy the weekend!


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