Sunday, September 21, 2014

Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box

Hey everyone! I received my Jewel Heist mystery box from Julep the other day and wanted to share a review. This is the first mystery box I have ever ordered from Julep and I am sad to say that I was very unimpressed. The box was $24.99 and was supposed to have a $100+ value. Here is what came in the box.

Each product is linked directly to Julep's website.

1. Sweep Eyeshadow Palette Neutrals - I haven't decided yet if I will use this palette or sell it. I have very sensitive skin and have had allergic reactions to eyeshadows in the past. 

2. Eyeshadow Brush - I like the weight of this brush, it definitely does not feel cheap. I look forward to trying it with some other eyeshadows.

3. Surprise! Color Rush Lip Gloss - I haven't tried this yet because the scent was too sweet for me. It is supposed to turn into "a universally flattering berry shade on your lips." I'll give it a try and see if the scent lingers after application.

4. Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer - Again, not sure if I can use this because of skin allergies. I have never used a primer anyway and my eyeshadow stays put just fine.

5. Tatiana - Not 100% sure how I feel about this color, but I'm always looking to branch out and be more adventurous with my polish. It is definitely a nice color for fall.

6. Two Julep Twistbands - I have a set of these and I like them so I was happy to get more. Unfortunately these are not sold on the website.

Here is a closeup of Tatiana in the bottle.

The total value of my box came out to $102, which to me is kind of pushing it. The main reason I was unhappy was because there was only one nail polish in the box. The description on the website said that each box would be "packed with $100+ worth of mystery nail polishes and beauty must-haves..." Since they used the word polishes instead of polish I assumed there would be more than one. I guess I learned my lesson! I emailed Julep Customer Service with my feedback about the misleading description of the box and they awarded my account with Jules (points to spend) for my disappointment. I doubt I will purchase another Mystery Box in the future, but it is a great option for those who want to try a mix of Julep's products.


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