Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Julep Octavia

Hey everyone! I am so excited about the manicure I'm going to share with you tonight. I used Julep Octavia, which is described as a "smoky indigo creme." You can achieve full, even coverage with this polish in one gorgeous streak-free coat. That's right, ONE coat! I was so pleasantly surprised with how amazing Octavia applied. This is a color that I will keep going back to.

I used Nubar Blondie to do that sparkle accent on my ring finger. Yes, I did place each one individually and yes, it did take a bit of time haha. But I love the end result!

Look at all that glossy goodness!

I love those two pictures because in the first one Octavia looks like a dark blue and in the second one it looks way more on the purple side. It looks gorgeous in any type of light!

Here are the colors I used: Julep Octavia & Nubar Blondie

How pretty does Blondie look in the bottle?!


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