Friday, October 24, 2014

Maybelline Touch of Spice Review

Happy Friday everyone! I'm skipping the mani today so I can keep my gorgeous pink nails through the weekend. I recently picked up one of Maybelline's new creamy matte lipsticks in the shade Touch of Spice (#660) and thought I would share a little review with you. I got mine at CVS and the entire display was actually empty except for ONE Touch of Spice! I couldn't believe my luck since that was the only color I wanted, although I am thinking of going back for Lust for Blush at some point.

First let's talk about the formula (hint: I love it). I found this lipstick to be creamy and it didn't tug during application. It wears very nicely and does not dry out my lips at all. I always like to exfoliate and put on a hydrating lip balm shortly before using it, or any lipstick for that matter. I would describe Touch of Spice as a mauve rose, which is right on trend and the color is lovely for fall and winter. I have been loving it as an every day lip color.

Here's a look at the packaging. I love that they made the tube matte.

Here's a little swatch of Touch of Spice on my wrist.

And here it is on my lips. You can see my pink hair!

I really think Touch of Spice is a great color for those of you who, like me, are not super adventurous with lipstick colors but want to try something new. It's like your lips but better!


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