Monday, October 13, 2014

Zoya Loredana

Happy Manicure Monday! I hope you all had wonderful weekends. I stopped in at Ulta (yes, again) on Sunday for their annual cut-a-thon for breast cancer. I walked in at around 4:15 and there were only a few people there. The woman who put in my extensions told me they were packed earlier but I came when there was a bit of a lull, which was perfect for me! I donated $10 for the pink hair extensions and I'm so happy with how they look.

Pink hair don't care!

On my way out I also picked up shampoo and conditioner from OGX. They were having a buy one get one 50% off promotion plus I had a coupon for $3.50 off $10 so I got a good deal on those. I wanted to get something a little bigger than travel sized bottles but small enough that I could easily pack them in my luggage for a couple of trips I have coming up. These were a great compromise. 

Love the way these smell! Can't wait to try them.

Onto the nails! I decided to use Loredana, which is from Zoya's Matte Velvet collection. As described on Zoya's website, Loredana is a "medium gunmetal grey, packed with silvery shimmer and a velvety matte velvet finish. This shade gives the nails the appearance of brushed steel." 

Now according to Zoya, the matte velvet colors are not intended to be worn with a base coat or a top coat. They say it works best when applied on a completely clean, dry surface. I just could not wrap my head around not using a base coat, so I applied one anyway and the polish still went on perfectly. These matte velvet polishes dry super duper fast. Like do your nails and get out the door in 10 minutes fast. 

I think I may try putting a top coat on these tomorrow and see how it looks.

Here is Zoya Loredana with a top coat. Not that drastic of a change, but I like it better without a top coat.


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