Friday, February 27, 2015

Chanel Taboo

Happy Friday! Whew. I made it through the week, but man am I tired. The BF and I will be spending all of Saturday on the couch binge watching the entire new season of House of Cards. I can't wait to see what devious plans Frank Underwood has in store.

Last weekend the BF and I celebrated our four year anniversary and he gave me my first ever Chanel polish in the shade Taboo! I put it on my desk next to my Louboutin polish and now I feel so fancy. Taboo is very difficult to capture on camera, I had a lot of trouble getting a good shot. I would describe it as a deep red-toned purple with some reddish micro-shimmer. It applied like a dream in one easy coat. I topped it with my Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in the red bottle, but unfortunately realized a little too late that it had gotten super thick and stringy. My polish bubbled a little as a result. So sad! I'll definitely be trying Taboo again soon with a different top coat.

I'm not thrilled with the pictures in indoor lighting, so if the sun ever decides to come out I'll snap a few more. I hope you all have a great weekend. See you on Monday!


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