Thursday, April 9, 2015

Formula X Remarkable & Julep Tania

Hey everyone! So yesterday I took off my previous mani and decided I would just throw on something simple to hold me over until Friday. I started off my day with Formula X Remarkable, a sheer blush shade, from the Translucents collection. My local Marshalls had several of the colors from this collection at $3.99 a piece. Not bad compared to the $10.50 retail price.

These polishes are meant to be sheer and provide just a wash of color kind of like a French manicure. I had read a few reviews about streaky/patchy formula but I honestly had no trouble with it. I used one coat and worked carefully to make sure my application was even. I seriously love this polish. It looks so elegant and sophisticated!

Then late last night I was like okay I'm sorta over this minimal look. So I took out the glitter, of course. I ended up going with Julep Tania on just the tips of my nails. Tania is described as a multidimensional mermaid teal glitter and it is beautiful!

Love love love this look, though I'm not really looking forward to the glitter removal. Totally worth it. I was planning a mani for Friday, but we'll see how lazy I am. I am on spring break after all!


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