Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Favorites!

Hey everyone! It's time for my monthly favorites. First can we talk about my monthly not favorites? The freakin' weather. Like guys. It was SNOWING hardcore yesterday. Literally snowflakes the size of my face. I'm over it. Moving on...

I surprisingly didn't have a lot of food favorites this month. I did, however, try making microwave cake in a mug for the first time and it was actually really good. Chocolate cake in 70 seconds? Oh yeah, I can get on board with that any day. I followed this recipe

Next up is a fashion favorite. I've been on the hunt for a cute pair of ear jackets and finally found some at Forever 21. I actually only bought the larger pair at first and then regretted not getting the smaller ones so I went back. They were both around $4, which is way less than the $20+ pair I originally wanted to get from BaubleBar. I love that I can use my own studs with these!

I have a couple of beauty product favorites this month. The first is the Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask. You can read my detailed review here. Sadly I've used mine up, so I guess I need to go to Lush and buy more!

The second is my mani bomb order from Forever Polished. This was my first time ordering and using mani bombs. You can check out the full haul and read about my first impressions here.

I have to mention the SquareHue 1920s box for March. While the colors were not exactly what I expected, I still loved the collection. If I only I could go back in time and experience the 20s. Sigh.

My favorite nail polish this month was Marc Jacobs Petra, which was given to me by my best friend for my birthday. This has easily become one of my all time favorite colors. If you ever decide to splurge on a MJ polish, I highly recommend Petra.

It was hard to choose a favorite mani of the month. I really liked a lot of the looks I created! After looking through them all I chose this flowers and glitter mani. The green is Zoya Neely and I absolutely love it for spring. I enjoyed my glitter accent so much that I kept it on for another manicure! I'm not lazy or anything. Okay, I'm a little lazy but packed on glitter is a bitch to remove.

I just wanted to end with my favorite moment of March, which is when I bought my domain name. It was a big decision and step forward for me and I'm so happy I decided to go through with it. Yay me!


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