Friday, June 10, 2016

Julep Adrian

Happy Friday! We made it through another week which included field day AND a field trip to the beach the next day. Whew. One week to go plus two half days and we are done with the school year.

Last week I received my Julep box for June. Nothing too exciting, I really just needed the cleanup tool so I put that in my box with Your Lip Addiction (a lip oil) in the shade Obsessed. If you've been contemplating trying a lip oil I would definitely give these a shot. I really love the non-sticky formula and the hint of color added to my lips.

As for nail polish, I realized that I don't have a yellow in my collection and I thought it was time to change that so I also added Adrian to my box. Adrian is a lovely daffodil yellow creme. The formula was a little on the thick side, but pretty easy to work with and I applied two coats here. This shade screamed for some nail art so I used Julep Something Blue with my dotting tool to make some simple flowers and dots. Easy breezy!

Have a fantastic weekend! I'll be enjoying the weather for sure.



  1. Yellow nails have always been my passion. You know, I'm surfing the web in search of an interesting nail design to suit my yellow bridesmaid dress. Now I cannot decide for which one to go... Yours or the one I've seen on website.

  2. Looks incredibly cool!

  3. Cute nails, really ! So positive design !

  4. It was pretty easy to copy your design!