Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Leopard Print Nails

Hey everyone! This has got to be my first Wednesday post in about a year. I guess this is what happens when you're a teacher off for summer break! Yesterday was my last day of school and I'm already enjoying vacation.

Today I thought I'd do some fun nail art. I went with leopard print over a base of two coats of Butter London Cotton Buds - an opaque white creme that is super easy to work with. I love leopard print because it looks fancy but it's SO easy! First, I used a detail brush and made messy dots with a rose gold metallic shade. This time I did kind of a half moon shape on all of my nails, but you can cover your whole nail or just do one as an accent. Next, I used the same detail brush with black polish to make thin black lines curving around randomly on the spots. Give your nails at least 10-15 minutes of dry time before you apply the top coat to avoid causing streaks in your design (the longer the better!)

Looking forward to posting more often during my summer break! 


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