Sunday, July 27, 2014

Avon Nail Polish

Hey everyone! I spent the weekend in NYC celebrating my boyfriend's birthday. We went to a rooftop bar with a gorgeous view of the Empire State Building and had dinner with his family at Max Brenner! If you haven't been to Max Brenner, definitely go. They have the most delicious desserts. Here is my manicure from the weekend (Zoya Brooke - my namesake polish) and the amazing view from the bar!

My friend who works at Avon came out to the bar with use and she hooked me up with a bag of goodies that I am so excited to try.

So many new pretties!

The first set of polishes are for nail art. The colors from left to right: Styled Green x2, Blue Vibe, Reviving Red x2, Cupid, Yellow Glow, Delicate White

These are the regular polishes I got, from left to right: Rapid Black, Vintage Boutique, Platinum Beauty, Pearl Shine x2, Prompt and Pearly

These are special toppers, Opal and Urban Splatter. Opal looks beautiful!

These two sets were samples with no labels. How cute are those heart bottles?!

I can't wait to play with all of these new polishes, especially since I've never tried Avon before. Now I just have to decide which colors to use first!


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