Monday, July 7, 2014

Nailing the Interview!

Hey everyone! Although they are tiny details in the big picture, your nails are actually an important part of your interview outfit. Chipped nail polish is a huge no-no, as are crazy designs or neon polish. When it comes to your nails for an interview, or even at work if your office has a strict dress code, neutral colors and clear polish will be your best friends. My go to when I want my nails to look clean and polished is the Oxygen Nail Treatment from Julep. It is described by Julep's website as "complete nail care and make-up all in one bottle." The formula is supposed to improve the condition of your nails to make them less prone to breakage and splitting. I love how this treatment is slightly pink but still clear and makes my nails look so healthy. I always wear this for interviews because I know it will not distract the person conducting the interview from the main event -- me!

Here is what I used: Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment

If you really want to wear a color on your nails, I highly recommend going for a neutral, a light pink, or a sheer white. Do not put on your most glittery polish, as gorgeous as it may be! Save that for your celebratory mani for when you land the job ;)


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