Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Zoya Maya

Hey everyone! I'm excited to show you this gorgeous coral polish named Maya from Zoya. I ordered it during Zoya's "THREEDOM" promotion. Click here to check out that post. Maya is described by Zoya's website as a "semi-opaque bright pink coral with tangerine undertones. A bright tropical coral for a translucent jelly-like finish on your manicure or pedicure." I loved this color so much that I actually used it on my fingers and toes, which is not something I do often.

Here are the colors I used, from left to right: Zoya Maya, Avon Opal Top Coat, Avon Blue Vibe

For that stripe accent I used my new striping tape. You can find packs of striping tape at low prices on Amazon. The other tool I recommend that you use with your striping tape is a pair of tweezers. They really come in handy for removing the tape from your nails quickly.

As you can see, the striping tape is teeny tiny! Once you get the roll started, use some sort of place holder because it can be difficult to find the edge. I just folded up a piece of tape and stuck the end of my striping tape to it. Remember to wait until your base color is completely dry before you put your tape on and to remove the tape quickly after you polish over your design. If you wait too long the base color will lift up with the tape. If you are just starting out, the key to striping tape is patience! It may take a few tries but you'll get the hang of it.


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